Paroles 1958 de A Day To Remember

A Day To Remember
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  • Artiste: A Day To Remember18876
  • Chanson: 1958
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Textes et Paroles de 1958

You've sunk lower than I've ever seen,
and even though you deserved this
I tried to catch your fall
I've grown so tired of your childish threats
Know that I'll never run from anything

And I'll burn the building if I knew you'd die
And I'll pray you're a failure
And that you won't make it out alive

Here's where we prove all your fairytales wrong
This all stops tonight
Swim in your sea of smoke until your lungs lose the fight
It's over
This all stops tonight
Or prove me wrong

What have you become trough your jealousy?
You've threatened my life, my friends and family
This is your last wrong turn in your life
and this dead end leads to a blood bath
your blood bath

You'll never stop us with your one-man army
We would burn him alive
You'll never stop us with your one-man army
If you're such a man then bring the fight
(We're paging 1958)
We're all one and the same
We're moving on, and living our dreams

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