Paroles That Could Have Been Me de Acappella

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  • Artiste: Acappella19709
  • Chanson: That Could Have Been Me
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Textes et Paroles de That Could Have Been Me

All the people who are living in the cold
With no direction, no place to call their own
Lacking proper shelter, pain is all they see
It humbles me completely just to know that could have been me

That could have been me (that could have been me)
That could have been me
Pain and the tears, relief unknown
Questioning why was I ever born
That could have been me (that could have been me)
That could have been me

Starvation in our world is bringing grief
All the blindness, famine and disease
I should never take for granted my health, prosperity
When I know I could have been the one with no one to rescue me

Repeat Chorus

That could have been me with the homeless
Not enjoying a happy home
That could have been me with the dying all alone
Though I know it's not my destiny
I've been spared from this much misery
I reach out and try to offer some relief

In slavery the miners want a say
Work till sundown just for pennies a day
Thought my skin is not that color
It's obvious what's right
So against ungodly treatment
I am willing to join the fight

Repeat Chorus

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