Paroles Hard Times de Accept

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  • Artiste: Accept5368
  • Chanson: Hard Times
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Textes et Paroles de Hard Times

Geah, we in the muthafuckin house
Eihthype in the muthafuckin house bitch, for the 94
Ain't no love ho, uh
And right about now Niggas On The Run in the muthafuckin house
Lil Hawk'n Bird in the muthafuckin house
Half Ounce in this bitch, you know I'm sayin'?
And this how we gon' do this for all the Compton homies

Niggas back the fuck up and let me get down
Another O.G. from the Compton town
Uh, so put yo' gun down, run up fool
And as you procede to run get that with the tool
It's Mc Eiht so what's up with that?
Ratta-tat-tat from the stolen gat
Uh, my nigga fuckin' Hawk & Bird got the Mac-10
Eihthype quick to do that ass in
Living in the street where we slang that cavi
Fool if you don't know, it's Compton - Cali
Hood rats tryin' to scheme on my riches
Hit the pussy and dash, fuck you bitches
Gotta watch out for the schemin' cops
Car jacking and macking don't stop
Come back to hit yo' fuckin' block with the Tec-9
I'm doin' my dirt cause fool it's hard times, geah

I never leave the pad without the gun
Dip through and kick it with some niggas on the run
They put me down on a lick
On some punk fools across town you can get the dick
Slipped up and fucked around, I seen the goods
Don't mess around with these niggas in the hood
I hit 'em up with that muthafuckin west side
Serve a clock-head for the fuckin' G-ride
You're all alone so now it's on
See the barrel of my chrome, take 2 to your dome, uh
You can't fuck with it fool so don't say nuthin'
Niggas I'm stompin' so I'll keep dumpin'
Don't try to fuck with the Eiht - ball
As I chop chop, timber, I'll watch that ass fall
So is that it? I don't think you want no more
Nigga new improved like Madden 94
Hut hut fool, so now you gotta punt
As I flick your ass like ashes off my blunt, hard times

Aw shit, you better run when the night fall
Eihthype fuckin' up shit on a murder call
So bail the fuck on before I start taggin'
Khaki's creased up bitch and I'm saggin'
All the way down the chronic row to the mutherfuckin Hub
Pocket full of bud
Niggas don't fuck around is what you heard
Back up's brought in by Little Hawk & Bird
Creep in the muthafuckin' home
Put 2 hollow points in your dome then I'm gone
Back out the muthafuckin' win - dow
Leave your crib smellin just like endo
Niggas got guns, niggas got funds
Niggas cap that ass so we niggas on the run, geah
Bail from the depths of hell, that's Compton
If you don't copy we knock out teeth
So bring your mark ass down to the spot
Where one times is hot and you might get got, hard times, geah

We in the mutherfuckin house
Eihthype in the mutherfuckin' house
Niggas On The Run in the mutherfuckin' house
And that's how we doin' it for the 94 nigga
So stay the fuck down fool, geah
Like I said before, geah

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