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Access Denied
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  • Chanson: She's Not You
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Textes et Paroles de She's Not You

I just stopped in here to have a beer
She crossed the bar and sat down here
She started small talk, I was polite
But what she's talkin' could take all night
I've never dreamed this kind of plan
I'm not a cheatin' kinda man
A voice inside me asks what I'll do
'Cause she's not you, she's not you

She's got a husband who plays around
I've seen him cheatin' all over town
She's not my type, she talks a lot
But what I'm thinkin' could get me shot
I feel her fire, it's burnin' bright
I know the signals, it's feeling right
So what's to stop me, what should I do?
'Cause she's not you, she's not you

I stand up slowly and leave the bar
I get the keys out and start the car
I think about it as I'm crossin' town
To feel her passion, to lay her down
Her dress of satin upon the floor
I'll shut my mind off and think no more
Up to our bedroom, now you're in view
'Cause she's not you, she's not you

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