Paroles Headaches & Woes (Remix) de Aceyalone

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  • Artiste: Aceyalone10389
  • Chanson: Headaches & Woes (Remix)
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Textes et Paroles de Headaches & Woes (Remix)

[Chorus One:]

Heads and Woes
Heads and Wo-oes
Heads and Woes
Heads and Wo-oes

Headtrips, Headtrips
I think it is, I know it is

[Chorus Two:]
i got a head full of headaches a heart that's full of woes
i'm constantly singin' them downhome blues and not many people knows
that leaves me with a twisted view of the whole wide world as i know it
and i guess i got no choice but to be a poet

[Verse One:]

now in my natural habitat i gravitate towards cribs
and i elevate on having that
and i'll never get caught by the frills
from Yellowstone to Venezuela
Nigeria to the hills
there's somethin i learned that i gotta tell ya
brother's like me got skills

now i could been your doctor or your lawyer
or come to your house and build
self destruction won't destroy ya
if you know how to use that shield
men are murdered and that's their fate
and to get it on tape is a thrill
and people elsewhere tryin to escape
just to come to America and chill
helicopters scope the land
see you makin' your ghetto plan
hip-hop culture is African
and I ain't never going back to the fields

[Chorus Two]

[Verse Two:]

now everyday i manifest and i generate and smoke cannabis
and i penetrate and i innovate and i demonstrate from the west
from Amsterdam to the Northern border
Panama Spain to Atlanta Georgia
somethin' i learned that i haven't told ya
cause everybody's goin' through stress

now i know you know it ain't who you know but tell me do you know yourself
cause you can go just like any John Doe
but i know you ain't thinkin' about death
so if you're straight and you're narrow and the snake's in the barrel
and the serpent is under the rainbow
and you don't really got not angle
and you're head over heels instead of the reals
then you're bound to be tangled
cause brothers are singin' and dancin' and rappin'
and cappin' each other and tryin to survive
but knowledge is a fact
you ain't comin' back
and you won't get out of life alive

[Chorus One]
[Chorus Two]
[Chorus One]

[Verse Three:]

Now i got this diamond in my eye
symbolizing the way that i'm rising
exercising and shining like a pearl
linin all the planets up and rhymin to the world
there's a reason why i had to be an individual
instead of running with a pack
'cause the lone wolf never get his hoof scoofed
if he got his own back
I got my own back


if you ever had a migraine in your brain
and the pain of a million people walking in the flame
some stain in the streets of the veins of a body called city
and the body's locked in the streets of vein
ain't that a pity
itty bitty game
and the heart of the ghetto pumpin' through life through your organs
even though i know you know
my head is achin', i'm awakened, i ain't fakin'
and the woes is takin' they tolls
and the woes is takin' they tolls
and the ways of the world and the universe swirls
and the woes is takin' they tolls

[Chorus One]

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