Paroles Our Shadows de Acid Death

Acid Death
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  • Artiste: Acid Death5399
  • Chanson: Our Shadows
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Textes et Paroles de Our Shadows

So much fear in me
The future that I will never-never see
Happiness is wasted-for ever
Here, so lonely at the mountain top

Is all this for a better tomorrow?
The shouting the running alienated personalities
Feel like an idiot to myself
So depressed-so depressed

The engine-sound, so deafening
Above our heads like a God

In desperate moments I run-I run for myself
Hide beneath my shadow(hide beneath my shadow)
Snakes in my hands, in my red eyes
As it fires its lightening away
My gun no longer protects me-did it ever, I wonder

So depressed, so depressed

It`s better this way
Not to think-not to think again
Why should I-should I live for
Fight again in someone else`s war

The light brings pain, but heals my scars
My skin is re-becoming in a new state of life
Sorrow is behind in the noise of a neverland
Beneath my shadow nothing exist

Nothing exist:

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