Paroles W.G.F.S. Power de Acid Drinkers

Acid Drinkers
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  • Chanson: W.G.F.S. Power
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Textes et Paroles de W.G.F.S. Power

We came yesterday
Here it's not O.K
Everywhere we feel
Smell of little lies.
Menace, Confusion
Backwardness, Irritation
Yeah, we feel the pain
Oh, it's not O.K
Nothing changes here
Nothing's good for me
Alarm, Pollution,
Inflammation, Infection
We don't know the rules
But we are not fools
We did not come here
Just to rot in fear.
Poisoning, Surprises
Perdition, Jealousy
[Chorus:] We gotta find some power !!

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