Paroles Hearts, Necks And Other Things That Break de Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils
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  • Artiste: Across Five Aprils17446
  • Chanson: Hearts, Necks And Other Things That Break
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Textes et Paroles de Hearts, Necks And Other Things That Break

Heart-shaped hallways.
Leading the way to nowhere.
You left me stranded here.
Three years from anywhere.
No sign of a way back only fear.
I'll just follow the fragrance of these fake tears.
Your silence says it all. I know your throat is swelling.
You want to say so much.
But you're afraid you might say what you mean.
I loved you for who you were.
You tried and tried to change me.
It's funny now how you say you're leaving.
Because I'm not the man I used to be.
Shape someone else now, mold someone new.
Take someone else down, your heart-shaped hallway too.
TAKE! someone else now, TAKE! someone new.
TAKE! some one else down, your heart-shaped hallway too.

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