Paroles Goes Around Comes Around de Addis Black Widow

Addis Black Widow
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  • Artiste: Addis Black Widow6553
  • Chanson: Goes Around Comes Around
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Textes et Paroles de Goes Around Comes Around

I came home from a hard day's work now
Found ma girl on da floor wid a man now
Couldn't believe, ma eyes lost ma mind now
Turned around an walked away 2 ma room now…

- Did u tell her, tell her, tell her?<a href="">Testi Canzoni</a>
- No I did not
- What did u do, u do, u do?
- Let me think no…

Goes around comes around
Here u got it, now u got it
What u gonna do about it???


Everyday you're away from 9 to 5 now
After dat…u come home wid ya work now
I keep talKin…seems like there's no one listening
I found out u got a girl on da side now!

- Did u tell her, tell her, tell her?
- No I did not
- What did u do, u do, u do?
- Let me think now…

Chorus x 2

In ma room there's a picture on da wall now
Took it down an lit a candle by da bed now

Before u do any stupid foolish thangs now
Da man u saw `s not a man its ya girl now

- Did u tell her, tell her, tell her?
- No I did not
- What did u do, u do, u do?
-Let me think now…

Chorus til fade (oh oh oh I did not I did not)

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