Paroles Spank de Adelphi

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  • Artiste: Adelphi17626
  • Chanson: Spank
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Textes et Paroles de Spank

My heart beats like a clock
That can't speed up and won't slow down
She moves like waves within the sea
Her kiss sends ripples all around
And just before I start to sink
My mind begins remembering
All those year we spent afloat
Well, I'll take my chances with the deep

Go on, go on get away from me
Because I'd rather be lonely
Someone, Someone, Someone set me free

Her stare is like a thousand suns
That blind my eyes and take my sight
And leave me crawling in the dark
A helpless victim in the night
Her voice is like a symphony
That plays a lovely melody
But careful, don't be hypnotized
Or say goodbye to being free

Go on, Go on, get away from me
Because I'd rather be lonely
Someone, Someone, Someone set me free

Go on...
Come back to me,
Now come back to me...

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