Paroles Pandora's Box de Aerosmith

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  • Artiste: Aerosmith2838
  • Chanson: Pandora's Box
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Textes et Paroles de Pandora's Box

When I'm in heat and someone gets a notion
I jump to my feet, I hoof it to the ocean
we hit a beach where no one give a hoot
nobody never ever wears a suit
the ladies there, they look so proud
that's cause they know that their well endowed
I ain't much on Fannie's conversation
or care to much about her operation
but every time Pandora come my way
I get high, can't explain the sensation
to get it on I got to watch what I say
or I'll catch hell from the women's liberation
sweet Pandora
godlike aura
smellin' like a flora
open up your door-a for me
sweet Pandora
mama crack a smile for me
just for me
now I ain't what you'd call a city slicker
or claim to fame to be a slitty licker

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