Paroles Spit It Out de Aesthetic Perfection

Aesthetic Perfection
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  • Artiste: Aesthetic Perfection19957
  • Chanson: Spit It Out
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Textes et Paroles de Spit It Out

Hey you,This Is for you all,You've given me the sense to be,Thank you thank you,This is my chance,No heart,Nobody,No class,Believe me,When I say,Success will cost integrity,Disarming,Repeating,Seduce you with mediocrity,Hey you hey you,Let's hear you scream,I'll spoon feed you my imagery,I need you I need you,To spit it out,I'll be what everyone talks about,Believe me,You've saved me,The effort of being myself,Compel me,Subdue me,This time we,Won't be going back,I want to hear you scream,Spit it out,Scream,Spit it out,Scream,Spit it out,Why don't you spit it out?Why don't you spit it out?Why don't you spit it out?Don't hold it in,Spit it out

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