Paroles Myterious Path Of Desires de Aetherius Obscuritas

Aetherius Obscuritas
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  • Artiste: Aetherius Obscuritas42271
  • Chanson: Myterious Path Of Desires
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Textes et Paroles de Myterious Path Of Desires

You must be cautious if you want to survive,
look back to check it if you hear a voice
coming from behind you, don't be slothful!

Perhaps a shadow is lurking, a shadow of your fear,
It could be a memory that you'd forgetten
long time ago... a memory...

On a fanciful path, there you are walking,
like a footpath in a tale, or in a cheerless dream.

Every colour becomes gray as you wonderingly walk.
What's that behind you? Something dreadful, something bad?
It only depends on what you want to see,
everything that you imagine, appears on the Path of Desires.

On a fanciful path, there you are walking.
Turn over what you aspires, it's easy to get lost!
On the path of your dreams, on the path of your nightmares...

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