Paroles OK, I Feel Better Now de AFI

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  • Artiste: AFI4503
  • Chanson: OK, I Feel Better Now
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Textes et Paroles de OK, I Feel Better Now

There is nothing to me.
There is nothing though there was a time
I had felt elation before all sensation died.

I cannot breathe.
I can't deny that I've been feigning,
for you, every vital sign defied.

This means nothing to me.
This means nothing so spare me the lies.
I deny you sympathy just as I have been denied.

I cannot breathe.
I can't deny that I've been faking,
for you, every sign of life.

I died for the last lie,
and the heartbreak for the first time,
I could not take til I made you cry.

This is what you taught me.
This is what you taught - and I learned well -
to recognize that feeling easily can be dispelled.

Show your wounds I'm bored with mine.
Nothing is new.
Don't despair I rarely cry.

Oh my dear please dry your eyes.
Who could harm you?
To hurt you is to be despised, as I'd love to

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