Paroles The Apostate de Agregator

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  • Artiste: Agregator32138
  • Chanson: The Apostate
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Textes et Paroles de The Apostate

Left alone in these drifting tides
I think they call it life
The Lost ain't found - but still ain't died
Yet the time seems always right

Another footstep, another mile
And questions are all around
What is it for - where is too far
Answers are too fragile

What life could be lived in this way we have to walk
When all the faith is ruined and the confidence is died
On through all the years I stood tough and proud
With an all out sacrifice - mastering all demise

In those years - I fought - but now I'm tired
With the work undone - a life undone
Oh I fought- but now I'm lost
My life is an utter defeat

And now I'm waiting - For what still to come
I know I cannot hide
Fate's right beside me - Yet it seems so far
Torturing me with it's delay

And I'm all alone in these drifting tides
They have called it life
What was it for - I don't got too far
I didn't get too far

And now I'm waiting - For what still to come
This time I cannot hide
Death's right beside me and he is welcomed
Welcomed with all my life

All alone in these drifting tides
Someday, someone called it life
Fate's right beside, and he is welcomed
Welcomed with all my life

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