Paroles Elemental Decay de Agressor

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  • Artiste: Agressor4909
  • Chanson: Elemental Decay
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Textes et Paroles de Elemental Decay

Astral spirits run through the limbos
Where no physical laws could govern there
The old time is lost when human being
Worshipped God, was afraid of him

We keep our knowledge
Too dangerous for us
Our craft is the edge
The key of wisdom
You're my image
But you're of my clone
Don't enter our domain
Or will come the ELEMENTAL DECAY

Were wolves and trolls will invade Asgard
Atroce mutants are living their world
Essence of live, bows on the altar
Technological abominations are the result of war
Technological level
Have killed the old rites
Fainest nymph and owosh are in the wither domain
Spirit against matter
There's no logical laws
Don't cross the gate or it'll be the ELEMENTAL DECAY

The day will come when human being
Will obscede the gods and control their domain
When their spiritual maturity
Will reach her paroxysm
This time will be the good one
You'll understand why
Our power can't be yours
You'll have to wait for this time
You've got a lot to learn
To reach the top
You can't enter now or will come the ELEMENTAL DECAY!

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