Paroles Tall Boy de Akeboshi

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  • Artiste: Akeboshi20091
  • Chanson: Tall Boy
  • Langue:

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Textes et Paroles de Tall Boy

Tears of rains everywhere I go, I'm tired of this weather long ago
Twenty thousand years to go, to get a ticket for the next goal.

Oh boy, lost another game, it's all the same, a year of fail
Maybe it's just a game, the sort of same, I kill your faith
Maybe it's deceiving
Maybe I should grab the money and run.

'Cause today is today, if i say so
Today is today, if I try so.

Tall boy what can you see from there?
Tell me exactly what you see.
Oh boy don't show your back too long
Feels like I want to start a game again.

Today is today, if i say so
Today is today, if i try so
Today is today, today is today.

Today is today, if i say so
There never is the time if you do so.
If you do so...

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