Paroles Ariel de Alex Pfeifer-rosenblum

Alex Pfeifer-rosenblum
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  • Artiste: Alex Pfeifer-rosenblum31730
  • Chanson: Ariel
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Textes et Paroles de Ariel

There's something special about being near a baby
No matter what, it makes me feel so well
He don't talk with words, no instead he spreads feelings
Yeah you gotta meet Ariel

He's always asleep because he's always growing
What's he gonna be like - only time will tell
So come see him now and watch him grow older
Yeah you gotta meet Ariel

I'll bet there are tons of magic things that I've forgotten
Since the days when I was just a child
Life's so busy and it's hard to remember
When I was free, when I was wild

So if you're feeling blue and you're done with searching
Searching all day long for some enchanted spell
Well I'll tell you what clears every grey sky
You gotta meet Ariel

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