Paroles Need To Ask de Alex De Rosso

Alex De Rosso
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  • Artiste: Alex De Rosso42987
  • Chanson: Need To Ask
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Textes et Paroles de Need To Ask

Somewhere is where I belong
remember when our life was young
stoppin' me in broken sight
but every time I look around I see your eyes
is this my world ?
inside this space , so far from grace
knockin' on a marble door
waitin' on a white cold floor
loosin' every point of wiew
and every time I look around I see your face
no need to ask for one more try
no need to ask you to turn back time
for what I said
I'll keep my soul out of this rave
every pain is leavin' me
lights and rooms are flat and gray
cross the line and I'll see the truth
but every time I spin around I feel your chains
no need to ask for one more try
no need to ask you to turn back time
no need to ask for one more try
no need to ask you to turn back time

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