Paroles From The Bottom de All Out War

All Out War
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  • Chanson: From The Bottom
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Textes et Paroles de From The Bottom

Fires consuming nations. The flames of discontent. Burning from the bottom. Leaders breathe their final breath. Drowning in their own oppression. Masses rise and shut them out. Exploiting the work for too long. Another empire's coming down. Vengeance from the bottom. From the victims of deceit. Flames of injustice. Bringing leaders to their knees. Dawn of a new apocalypse cleansing of disease, beating back the dogs of oppression, masses freed from the thieves. Fall of the self righteous, butchers now lie in defeat. Overthrow of demigods, politicians now pay for greed. Burning from the bottom. Another empires coming down. Flames consuming nations. Another king has lost the crown.

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