Paroles Rise Of The Antichrist de All Out War

All Out War
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  • Artiste: All Out War8479
  • Chanson: Rise Of The Antichrist
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Textes et Paroles de Rise Of The Antichrist

Demonic evil. Blessed are those who deny the beast. For he devours and will destroy all he sees. Ruler of darkness - he is the father of lies. Controls the armies of the earth. Aims to bring the world's demise. And his ambitions will serve to feed his greed. The great deceiver hides intentions to crush the weak. The false prophet convinced the masses to bow to his name. They embrace his darkness and they shall soon ascend in his flames. The beast has been allowed to make war on the saints, and has been given power over all nations. All who dwell on earth will worship the beast. Now appears seven angels to unleash plagues on the earth to cleanse and to purify. Destroy prophets of a false church. The seas shall turn to blood, the armies of the beast shall fall. Final war in the age of man - the last judgment of us all. Crushed and destroyed. The beast thrown to the pit. Risen in the west. Thrown back into the abyss.

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