Paroles Wonder de All

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  • Artiste: All17666
  • Chanson: Wonder
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Textes et Paroles de Wonder

she spent the money on a loaf of wonderbread, and a can of beefaroni italian food today, what does he think when he pours himself a drink and he looks at me that way? he spent a fortune on the labor and the parts, got to keep it running another year or two. what does she say every time i drive away in her dad's old subaru? household appliances, all rent to own, no telephone. debts unpaid left up to fate are heavy on the head, can't let each other know, and so nothing's said. but that's a cop out when you break it all apart and analyze the pieces, the bottom line is truth, what in the world makes a happy boy and girl buy their old age with their youth? harsh words from relatives, they won't leave us alone. why pay the telephone? at any rate there is no fate, except someday they'll be dead, and who will tell them each what was never said? and now she's nervous as he's coming up the drive, he's afraid to tell her how short their money goes these days. who gives a damn about a woman and a man who are sure that neither understands why they look and act that way?

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