Paroles Every single kiss de Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano
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  • Artiste: Alyssa Milano3430
  • Chanson: Every single kiss
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Textes et Paroles de Every single kiss

I was happy all by myself
I had my freedom, didn't need any help
There was no one to break my heart
No one to hurt me or tear me apart

Still I dreamed about someone like you
Then the dream came true

Every single kiss
Every day we spend together
Every time we touch
Makes me want to stay together

Lovin' you was not my plan
But there were things I did not understand
The past is over, now I realize
I see the future when I look in your eyes

I believe that love can come true
I believe in you

(au Refrain)

I know that hearts can break and
Love can be forsaken
That's why I could never be taken
Don't you see, that just wasn't me
You and I were meant to be

Still I dreamed about someone like you
Then the dream came true

(au Refrain)

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