Paroles It's Too Late de Amanda Perez

Amanda Perez
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  • Artiste: Amanda Perez2958
  • Chanson: It's Too Late
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Textes et Paroles de It's Too Late

So many nites that I cried tears for you
And out of the 5 years all the shit that
You done put me thru
And I can see now love will make you
Do crazy things
No matter what you've done to me
I took you back anyway But now

There's nothing more to say, There's nothing more to do
I don't see myself getting back wit you
And every single way I think about those
Days at the last minute you tried to change, but
It's too late, it's too late
It's too late, it's too late

Now you hate me cause I
Done went and found somebody new
But I feel like you took my love for granted bae
You didn't appreciate the things that I've done for you
And god knows I tried to make it work but
The past kept catchingup to me and making me hurt


Try to tell myself why should I feel so bad inside
When the only thing you've done to me
Was tell lies after lies
Now it's time for you to see all the things that you've done to me
I ain't't got no choice but to let you go
Cause I can't take the lack of love noooo

[chorus x2]

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