Paroles How Can You Love Me de Ambrosia

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  • Artiste: Ambrosia10086
  • Chanson: How Can You Love Me
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Textes et Paroles de How Can You Love Me

(Pack - Puerta)

Babe, it took a long, long time to get it out this way
Now, that the hurtin's over all I've got to say
(Is) that I know
Sure as I am living
It takes more than forgiving
'Cause it ain't been easy
I know you did your best to please me

How can you love me,
After all the years we've tried
After all the tears you've cried
After our love has died

Babe, I've seen some pretty faces everywhere I go
I say now
Maybe I ain't the same person that you used to know
But I know
In my heart I'm livin'
For the love you've given
And the foolish thing about it
Is that I thought I'd live without it

How can you love me
When you know I've been with someone else
And I ain't too happy with myself
But I keep on comin' back around

Ooh, sometimes it feels like I'm gone forever
(I'm gone forever)
Ooh, it gets so hard to wait
(It gets hard to wait)
Ooh, we're far away and it ain't gettin' better
Well, I know that somethin' is surely wrong
When I feel this way, well I can't go on and on

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