Paroles Killing Mission de Amduscia

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  • Artiste: Amduscia20414
  • Chanson: Killing Mission
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Textes et Paroles de Killing Mission

He will dissect your body
I feel sick, for goodness sake
He got angry because of your behavior
I don't know what to do

We were talking about you
The way i see it
I suppose will show up
If you left people walk over you, you're lost

Your destiny is marked to die
Because of him
I can't see anything
He did it to please you
We'll have to wait cause it isn't time yet
Come over here so that i can see you
It has to be this way
I was really disappointed

The mortal goodness got win
In your killing mission to everyone having goodness
The mortal's goodness has won over you
It's disgusting, what you've done has
No forgiveness
Only for that you'll die

I was really disappointed

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