Paroles 'Til You Do Me Right de Amerie

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  • Artiste: Amerie2564
  • Chanson: 'Til You Do Me Right
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Textes et Paroles de 'Til You Do Me Right

I was in love with you
And gave my heart to you
I did my best to keep you satisfied
You took the love from me
And used it selfishly
You did not give back your
Love to me at all

I gave the sun to you
You said it was too bright
I gave you diamond rings
You said they didn't shine
I gave my world to you
But you said it's not enough
What in the world could I have done
To make you be so rough

'Til you do me right
I don't even want to talk to you
I don't even want to hear you speak my name
'Til you do me right
Only wrong is gonna come to you
Nothin' good is gonna come 'til you change
Change your ways
Until you change your evil ways

Girl I was there for you
Someone you could talk to
How could you just keep breakin' my heart
What did I do to you
To make you be so cruel
I don't understand why you've been so wrong

I tried to be your strength
You said I was too strong
I tried to compromise so
We could get along
I gave my love to you despite
Your evil ways
I guess it's clear to me there's only
One thing left to say


There's a time when you know what you
Feel inside your heart
It's tellin' you that somethin' feels strange
You don't have to deny it
All you gotta do is just try it
You'll find our love grows
Stronger if you're willing to change

[Chorus 2 times]

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