Paroles Hey Castrator de Amy Ray

Amy Ray
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  • Artiste: Amy Ray8423
  • Chanson: Hey Castrator
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Textes et Paroles de Hey Castrator

I want the bloody boy
Yeah I want you
Hold it so tight
Like it's the truth
I see you licking your lips
At the slope of her hips
And I got disgusted with my own ownership
My own ownership
My own ownership

All the girls who make the cut
Avoided me
And the ones that aren't enough
Just make me mean
And the boys that take you to the high school prom
Recruit you with flattery
I hate myself for turning on
I hate myself for turning on
I hate myself for turning on

Hey finally
Take it out of me
It's the hardest part
It won't let me be
You can have it back
It just makes me ill
You can have it back
It just makes me kill
Hey castrator
Take this strong out of me
Take this strong out of me
Take this strong out of me

The revolution (unknown)
Say it's cool (unknown)
The newest way tocv stand (unknown)
Is just to lay real low
Your precious now we know it
You are the only one
In this confusing moment
Keep it quite undone
And you are saying nothing
And you are being no one
In this artistic moment

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