Paroles Prevail The Cult de Anal Vomit

Anal Vomit
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  • Artiste: Anal Vomit32205
  • Chanson: Prevail The Cult
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Textes et Paroles de Prevail The Cult

Devilish necromancer's
Proclaim more vengeance
In legacy with the antichrist
To destroy to gods and churches

Prevail the cult
Prevail the cult!!

The axe of slayer
Cut the bloody pussy
An mutilate the nuns
In scarred masses of nasty Christians

Prevail the cult
Prevail the cult!!

The reign of Lucifer is mighty
The evil domain is everywhere
Commanded by creatures of hell
Tormenting the suns of false Jesus rat
Now more servants come from beyond
To make prevail the sign of GOAT

Mayhem, homicide, extermination...Death
Chaos, war, devastation...Death

Prevail the cult
Prevail the cult
Prevail the CULT!

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