Paroles Beat Of The Drum de Anarbor

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  • Artiste: Anarbor24039
  • Chanson: Beat Of The Drum
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Textes et Paroles de Beat Of The Drum

Baby this is the song
That gets us by
And these are the words
That speak for themselves

To hell with what they say
I don't write these words for you
I write these words for me
And when it comes down to it
I've got nothing to lose but everything to gain
When my chance comes ill be the first to leave

This is the song that gets us by
And these are the words that speak for themselves

We're desperate for leaving
But obsessed with interstates
And perfecting our own sound
I do what I love and love what I do
The beat of the drum is home to my ears
And can I get a moment of your time
Can I get a moment of your time?

I just need a moment of your time
Baby I just need a moment of your time

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