Paroles Heelz de Andre Nickatina & Equipto

Andre Nickatina & Equipto
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  • Artiste: Andre Nickatina & Equipto17091
  • Chanson: Heelz
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Textes et Paroles de Heelz

[Intro: Andre Nickatina]
Let's make a hundred thousand
Girl you shine like a medallion
Legs just like a stallion
And I'm stylin
Seven signs of a rap cat ..
Drop it on a dime, you fine

She's a skeez, ya tell from the striptease
Tricks from miles away they done spent G'z
Ain't nothin wrong, her thong bout to snap
They playin my song I got a cup full of Yak
I'm posted in the back, passin options
With no lapdance this chance'll cost ya
Huh, just get low for the boys that's watchin
Shake it, raise it, twist it, pop it, now

[Andre Nickatina:]
You keep your hair jaded, you keep your toes painted
You never outdated cause you love to maintain it
Wiggle your waist to your favorite song
If he's paying he comes along
My Kangol shines in the back
This is where the weed and the rap cats at
forty-five minutes and we finished and you at me like hey ..
Can I get your number for I bounce

Slow motion, do the Billy Ocean
She got cakes that shake like a convultion
Walk up the hill, opto's stuff with kill
I tell a fly freak, "What the deal?"
You know she got love for me, pop th bubbly
With ass like VIDA and thirty-six double D
It's all bidness, fitness, the bitch is vicious
She known to run in six inches, heelz

[Andre Nickatina:]
Six inches metal in stilletos
She's wearing underwear that holds jello
She might be white, brown, or yellow
And I talk to her like Frank Costello
She's Pinocio and I'm Japetoe
And she can be a habit like a morning Espresso
Put your money in your mind in a rap cat ..
Game in your brain for life

If you worship close to perfect
Make ya fine print get blown to cursive
So work it, baby you a beautiful bitch
She switch that ass fast and that's her gift
Like a model, with a body like a Coca-Cola bottle
SHape a figure eight and the squares'll follow
It's all for the dollars so act like ya gettin something
Because I'm only out for big money

[Outro: Andre Nickatina]
Let's make a hundred thousand
Girl you shine like a medallion
Legs just just like a stallion and I'm stylin
Seven signs of a rap cat...

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