Paroles Stronghold de Angels & Agony

Angels & Agony
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  • Chanson: Stronghold
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Textes et Paroles de Stronghold

we read books on how to live
and how to ease our mind
we learn to meditate
to find silence in our hearts.

we climb mountains to find peace
lectures for inner truth
preachers who all know
how to fool our soul

i'm calling out to you
to liberate your dreams
to break the ties that bind you
and to eliminate your fears

how hard as it may seem
try never to let go
of the visions that we have
for they will be our stronghold
to which we will return

millennia have gone by
and prayers seemed in vain
what we couldn't see
was constructed in our mind

we seek solutions but no cure
questions to our answers
dream the highest dream of you
and try to realize

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