Paroles Doomsday Device de Apocalyptic Vision

Apocalyptic Vision
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  • Artiste: Apocalyptic Vision32245
  • Chanson: Doomsday Device
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Textes et Paroles de Doomsday Device

Disgorged planets molten waste vomits from below
Deserts blasted into glass
Storms of ash and bone
Oceans boiled evaporate forest turns to sand
Shield your eyes from Gomorrah
Light burns through your hand
Misery suffering repression and strife
Wiped from the earth
In one brutal strike
Splitting the atom wielding the knife
I am the wrath of god
Doomsday device
End to your life
Doomsday device
End to your life
Doomsday doomsday rewrite the book of creation
Black day new reign curtain falls over the human age
Burn them burn them wipe out the venomous vermin
Erase your faith mankind is dead and decaying

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