Paroles Stormmaster de Arakain

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  • Artiste: Arakain44928
  • Chanson: Stormmaster
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Textes et Paroles de Stormmaster

Evening's coming
barometer's crazy
time to get ready
for mistreating night
comes for the visit
god of the thunder
no time for questions
run for your life

No chance for human
night of the demons
you teel the power
of his yelling voice
die all you bastards
it's time for the strong one
battle has strated
keep swords, no more toys

He's the real stormmaster
take a look straight to his eyes
He's the real stormmaster
whispering wind, isn't it nice

Comes from the racks
king of the lightning
on dusty wheels
riding his blackcloud horse
Comes from the rocks
killing the fortune
ready's the throne
blood for his glory boils

No chance for human ...

He's the real stormmaster

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