Paroles Myth de Arson

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  • Artiste: Arson7046
  • Chanson: Myth
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Textes et Paroles de Myth

The melting sky proves this nonexistance.
Your fairy tale lies.
But you're to blind to realize that your god's a lie.
Your god is a myth, and I refuse to bow down to these lies.
Fairy tales, blind to the truth.
You let a book of fiction lead your way.
The melting sky proves this nonexistance.
Your fairy tale lies.
But you're to blind to realize, theres no use in prayer.
When there is no savior.
And I refuse to believe...or give in to these lies.
And if your god does exist, let him strike me down.
I'm still standing.
Your god...your savior...does not exist.

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