Paroles T-rex de Ash

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  • Artiste: Ash3276
  • Chanson: T-rex
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Textes et Paroles de T-rex

I can feel it coming
Feel it coming in the air
Times when the living is easy
It won't be long till the summer is here

Days when you wake in the morning
With the sun shining through the blinds
Days when the living is easy
And you know things are going alight

Coming up following the feeling
And the night is young
Let it go following this feeling
Let it come

On nights when the music ignites you
And you come to understand
That all you ever looked for
Is sitting there in your hand

When the air is alive with magic
And you feel it in the summer breeze
When the stars are aglow and burning
And it's all setting off your dreams


Chorus again but instead of coming, it's burning up...

No more nights sitting feeling blue
Even the rain reminds me of you
Just let it all fade away
Just let it all fade away
Like a bad dream in the night

[Chorus x2] (the burning one)

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