Paroles Nuthin Nice de Astronomy Class

Astronomy Class
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  • Chanson: Nuthin Nice
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Textes et Paroles de Nuthin Nice

[Verse 1: Ozi Batla]
Woke with a heavy head from last night's revelry
Trippin' momentarily off what I said, was that me?
Now lets see; shit, shower, and shave
Stave off hunger pains, explain to the guys toast for lunch again
Nah not today, I just got paid
so I'm walking up the corner store as if I got it made
Hey, what can I say? it was a lovely day
just a shame that some cats don't let their love display
So anyway I'm in the store and I'm grabbin' bits and pieces
this girl down by the door is giving me a look that says 'freeze kid'
Thought 'Jesus, is this lady sales or security?'
scrutiny is new to me in my community
I said 'excuse me uh what does this cost?'
she decided staring at me like I'm totally lost
What? did everybody stop speaking while I was sleepin'
or do my words appear to her like bubbles from the deep end?
In that case I'm freaking out, without a doubt
but I don't really think that is what we're talking about
I had a similar situation down at the train station
Peak hour carriage hard enough to stay patient
this screw face is using his suitcase to nudge me
but I didn't budge see 'cause he aint above me
said nothing when I told him that he pissed me off
I lock my feet beneath the seat and so he missed his stop

[Chorus: Ozi Batla {Sample: "Electric Relaxation - A Tribe Called Quest}]
When you're asking how you doing and not just the price
Could it do with being human? {"and it aint nuthin' nice"}
Man it's really damn hard to say hello twice
Could it do with being human? {"and it aint nuthin' nice"}
When your pizzeria givin' you beef with each slice
Could it do with being human? {"and it aint nuthin' nice"}
Ahha na it aint nothing nice, no way {"and it aint nuthin' nice"}

[Verse 2: Ozi Batla]
So I got off and I'm walking to the club, Feelin its all love
I got a pocket full of rhymes, and a few new dubs
That I am oh so keen to bust and I'm dusted
But trust the bouncer to do his job with so much gusto
Sir, you intoxicated?
What? You know my face kid, I could sleep for five days and I'd still look
He said, No way. So I called my friend
Who said there's a fight inside! And I walked right in
So we're getting to the end of the night, Been all right
Dance floor live as a riot, And not one mic fight
Until this kid who's having trouble sittin' says 'Can I spit in?'
I said "man unless you mean to back up I'd say your kidding"
And next thing you know we're telling anyone who'd listen
That he was a mad fan and then I stepped up and dissed him
What? Tonight my stars are out of line I can't stay
No cab to pick me up so I'll walk the whole way



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