Paroles A Better Tomorrow de Automator

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  • Artiste: Automator17214
  • Chanson: A Better Tomorrow
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Textes et Paroles de A Better Tomorrow

(feat. Kool Keith (Sinister 6000))

[the first 1:40 of this song is instrumental]

[Kool Keith]
Break it down..

[another 0:25 of instrumental]

[scratched: "This is the year to make money and be chillin.." x2]

[Kool Keith]
Break it down..

"This.. is.. the.. year.. to make.. money..
and.. be ch-ch-chillin.."
"This is the year to make money and be chillin.."

[Kool Keith]
Sort of.. break it.. down like this

[another 0:25 of instrumental]

[Kool Keith]
Yes.. as we pass through the interludes..
The J-A-Z-Z session, continues!
One two, rock.. lyrics..

I get rough make raps collide rough; they stick together
like Run-D.M.C. pumpin up, "Tougher Than Leather"
Vertical sideways earthquakes'll shake them highways
Technics spin rotate, the red lights illustrate
Like groupies on Shaquille, so swift like Ron O'Neal
while Freddie remains Dead with speakers pumpin in his head
More wild than GoreFest - GRRRRRRRRRRROWWWWL, pass the test
One two three four let me hold the mic some more
Elaborate the swiftness I'm sharp with the quickness
The gifted one.. rap moves on!

[the last 3:22 is instrumental and samples]

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