Paroles Don't waste my time de Aventura

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  • Artiste: Aventura2943
  • Chanson: Don't waste my time
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Textes et Paroles de Don't waste my time

Ey yo Romeo, you know I'm sort of the thug one in the group...
Well you know I'm like the sweet sunset in the morning,
But I guess you might...
What's is a girl doing in a hotel lobby at 2 o'clock in the morning ?
For real man, we're all dougs... don't do that
This is what I know...

We dancin', we drinkin', relaxin', wassup..
But please don't waste my time..
And I don't wanna make you fine, but please don't waste my time..
We kissin', we humblin', let's do it tonight..
But please don't waste my time..
I'll be gentle, sweet and nice, but please don't waste my time..

No need to front, cause I just wanna give you love
Making exception, you know my style's perfection
One night sexin', that's what I'm expecting
So don't be surprised and stop rolling your eyes
When I tell you 'let's get crazy, hoppin' the ride'
There's no men, no wives, just plans for tonight
And if you doin' what we doin', I'mma get real tight
Hsss, I ain't tryna to go to no novella
I'm just wanna cutie with a bootie screamin' out
Whippa, did at a tooth I love it
Forget what they say, you at metsegenté
You know I got the works, quitana et presedentés
No rules, just me and my crew
Time holds in ex-tools.. We rollin' big trucks
'Cause you all come with us, big plans
This is the adventure, when it's more than enough pleasure
(nothing impress ya)

(au Refrain)

Spanish ?!

So excuse me if I'm comin' on too strong
But we ain't got much time, I gotta get my groove on
Come on you know we've been off for too long
And if you hear and ain't gon' get down, then you wrong
We here to while out, what the hell that about
No autographs, or pictures, I just wanna get with you
Take you to the telly and in my room could spicture,
what a dream come through
I rather you had to do, more issue you
Or me tellin' you the truth, 'Ey ma, I'm feelin' you'
Let me take you back, no fakin' jacks
Everybody get's down when they're rollin' with Max
I don't play that shit, cause I let you know from the begining
What you gettin' it, I say again
Make up your mind, cause I won't hestitate for take the next chick on line.
So let me know

(au Refrain)

And to the spare, someone's think I'm gonna spare you
I know these songs about these girls, but I'mma tare you
Apart, respected those who give this game a lil' start
Yesterday our song was on billboard charts, what you think?
No, it ain't going out my head, I just tired of keepin' a poud,
What these haters say
What are you stupid, cause 9 years of bless within' tears,
You suide kid
You bullshit, claiming you're dangerous, but really
You just a fakin' nuts, you could never take on us
Base-gitar gave your brains in gust, make your girl wanna fuck with us
I guess that's why you hate us so much
But guess what.. Motherfuckers keep it up
You bitin' the hand that feeds you
You need us, now you tell me, who needs you?!

2004  "Love And Hate"

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