Paroles The Fall de Avett Brothers (The)

Avett Brothers (The)
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  • Artiste: Avett Brothers (The)21210
  • Chanson: The Fall
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Textes et Paroles de The Fall

Well bring me something new that I haven't felt before
Like messages of love and directions to your door
But please talk slowly, I don't hear good anymore
And we all fall down
And we all fall down

Don't die on me lady, only good things can come
To those who practice reason and recognize good fun
Your absence is the bullet and the past is your gun
And we all fall down
And we all fall down

She still doesn't answer though she knows shes done wrong
We buried the memories along with the songs
When she wakes up, I hope that we are gone
And we all fall down
And we all fall down

There's a visitor in black at my neighbors house
My neighbor says tomorrow the visitor says now
When he comes here please tell him that I'm out
And we all fall down
And we all fall down

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