Paroles Only You de Ayo

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  • Artiste: Ayo3455
  • Chanson: Only You
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Textes et Paroles de Only You

Only you can have my soul
Oh oh oh you can have it all
Everything you want, my heart, my love
To you baby love forever

Let me explain how I feel about you
First it's to easy to say I need, I love you
I will try to describe what I mean, how it feels like
For that, I use worked melodies sinceres
You were my heaven on earth, the light of myself
Through you I gave birth, you made me a woman
Every colour of my world, that's what you are
Like a lion rules the jungle you rule my heart


Thank you
You turn my nights into days
Cause every second and a minute of each hour I need to see your face
I need you, touch you, smell you,hug you,all through the day
Kiss you, hug you, smell you, touch you, teas you, please you and say your name


No matter what we'll be, with you and me
You'll always have my soul, my heart, my love my everything x2

Chorus x2

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