Paroles Ny Ny (New York, New York) de B.O.B

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  • Artiste: B.O.B35823
  • Chanson: Ny Ny (New York, New York)
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Textes et Paroles de Ny Ny (New York, New York)

this is the finish my friend, this is the end
it's a revolution… live in revenge
there's no need to move or adjust your television
whenever an era dies, another era begins
these american fights, these american wars,
these american stripes, these american stars
but these american cages have american bars
we hunted for truth so we headed for y'all
towers are crumbling, bridges are falling
limits are fading, the normal is boring
looking at time move progressively forward
looking the days just vanish before me
you wanted a benz but you couldn't afford it
now you were killed to put your foot in the tourist
it's a… of madness and never look backwards
but this is the crisis, prepare for disaster

start spreading the news
i'm leaving today
i want to be a part of it
new york new york
new york

breaker breaker 9 breaker breaker 1 9
could you please get a operator on the phone line
this is not a riot it's way much more than that
these people are dying we are under attack
wait let me call you back, let me get my stack
cause we ain't taking shit so therefore we'll fight them back
we ain't waiting on the line for a 9 1 1 9 9
whatever man i ain't got time for all this nonsense
enemy responses ain't a dial tone in our home on the continent
got me in these bandages…
man i swear they sleeping, they unconscious or they slumbering
so we break the peace to get a piece of what we wanted
act like we new to this…
let them know we run this shit
and let them know just how you feel the way your country is
now look how beautiful destruction is
start spreading the news
i'm leaving today
i want to be a part of it
new york new york
new york.

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