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Bad Azz
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  • Chanson: This Here's For Y'all
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Textes et Paroles de This Here's For Y'all

(feat. Tha Lowlifes)

[Bad Azz] This shit here, is hot as fish grease, little daddy
[Lil' Beau] Be out the cut with big heat, on the move with this Caddy
[BA] You understand him, it's gangsta when it's up in your face
[Beau] So buckle up and get hit while we catch up to pace
[BA] We came in the place,
bitches turn they nose up and niggas change they face...
[Beau] I feel attention...
[BA] That ain't nothin but hate
[Beau] Wait, wait, fuck hate, fella trip off this here
[BA] These hatas ain't stoppin us from gettin rich this year
[Beau] Big Benz's in the cut, plush houses, nigga what
With rocks in the bank and some in my gold chain
[BA] It's no thing, it's platinum in the plaque in my seats for your brain
[Beau] In the Jag with a bad rag, bangin the Low gang
[BA] We the cocaine
[Beau] Fool, you just a nigga with cess
[BA] We like the dope game
[Beau] Bitch, you just a drama or stress
[BA] We like the Goodfellas
[Beau] Hoe, you just angry and jealous
[BA] And we mash until the wheels fall off
[Beau] Fuck what they tell us

[Bridge-Bad Azz & Tha Lowlifes]
This one for my people
(This is for y'all, my people)
The one's that's thuggin in the ghetto tryna' make it out safe
This for my people
(This is for y'all, my people)
The one's around the world stressin over money or a case
This one for my people
(This is for y'all, my people)
I hope we learn one day to run the ghetto as an equal
To all my people, we all equal

This is for my people, this is for y'all, this is for my people
This is for my people, this is for y'all, this is for my people
This is for my people, this is for y'all, this is for my people
This is for my people, this is for y'all, this is for my people

[Lil' Tip Toe]
We in the life of big lights, like we gettin to live the life a rock
Never had a nine-to-five but everyday
we shinin like a diamond on them muthafuckas
I know you see the way we clownin all them other bustas
Them muthafuckas can't do nothin but just watch and jock for what we got
And they gots to give us props, whether they be hatin or not
We hit the spot like a guest of honor
My niggas gots to be the center of attention even whenever we violent
Poppin collas like a pimp or somethin
More suckas jealous
Guess it's cause me and my fellas got their bitches on our dick or something
I know it's somethin, but fuck 'em, it's all gravy
I'm buckin them muthafuckas who be thinkin they can fade me
On my baby, I'm a still shine
That's 'til the day somebody slay me, I'm a still grind
I'm out for mine, and I'm a get it if I gotta lie, steal or kill a nigga
For rilla nigga, the scrilla goes to realer niggas


[Bad Azz] This here's for my people, the project kids who don't know nothin
The low-income housin, lovin it, just loungin
[Lil' Tip Toe] Yeah, this for the thug that's in love with the street life
This is for the late nights when y'all G-tight
[BA] Yeah, this for the girls that's in love with a thug
This for the world that love to catch a buzz at the club
[LTT] Shit, this for them rillas on them hun'ned spoke 'tona's
[BA] Yeah, this for the chronic people smokin in comas
[LTT] Man, this for my family doin years in the pen and shit
[BA] This for them youngsta drivin 'round in a Benz and shit
[LTT] Yo, this for them ballas takin risks for they grips
[BA] This for little mama, always got ??? and she flipped
[LTT] Now what y'all need to do...
[BA] Is mind yours
[LTT] And speak when ya spoken to...
[BA] And get yours
[LTT] And all we out to do is clock ours
[BA] And rain on y'all like this one for the showers


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