Paroles Outta Control de Bad Genes

Bad Genes
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  • Chanson: Outta Control
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Textes et Paroles de Outta Control

No respect for anything,
No respect for anyone
There's no good that's left in me,
Destruction is what I do for fun

No control of what I say
No control of what I do
Don't monitor my fucking life
I won't stay in line for you

I'm outta control

Expect me to live you way
Expect me to make a change
I will not re-think my life
Just because you think I'm strange

No respect for anything
No respect for anyone
Don't care about what you say
I don't care about anyone

I'm outta control

Mindless kids with no fucking sense
Is what I'm tired of always hearing
I get this shit everyday, cuz of the
Clothes that I'm fucking wearing
I won't change for anyone,
You can't alter my fucking views
This is the way I'm gonna live
This is the lifestyle that I choose

Don't you fucking understand?
I'm out of control

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