Paroles Roller Fucker de Bald Vulture

Bald Vulture
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  • Artiste: Bald Vulture12328
  • Chanson: Roller Fucker
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Textes et Paroles de Roller Fucker

When i've got my skate
When i've got my head on my shoulders
I've got no reasons for fight
Except when i see, when i see a roller-blader
Roller-blades in the skate-park

When i see that, i lost control of me
Total control of me
I lost control of me when i see
When i see....

Don't look at me
Don't talk to me
When you've got roller-blades
Because i'll jump in your face
And i'm sure you'll not survive

In the skate-park it's not your place, it's not your world
Go outside right now with a big kick in the ass
Never think at this, built a place just for you
For you and your friends, with your stupid roller-blades
Always your stupid roller-blades


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