Paroles Preacher Man de Bananarama

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  • Artiste: Bananarama3362
  • Chanson: Preacher Man
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Textes et Paroles de Preacher Man

Its like a magic
I've got to have it
Whatever lies out of reach of me
And to despise it
Just magnifies it
Can't obliterate the need

(bridge 1)
You're bad news disguised
Dressed and painted with lies
But I just can't see
When truth is concealed
How the danger appeals
But my conscience sees

I heard it from the preacher man
He said leave that boy alone
He's no good for you
I heard it from the preacher man
He said heaven must have sent you
But the devil's gonna get you
He's gonna do it for you

You're like a black cat
Who always knows that
It's life is a mystery
You mesmerise me
And then you hypnotise me
'Til obsession devours me

(bridge 2)
You're silky words soothe me
As they move me
To ecstasy
And just as I'm falling
I hear a voice calling
Don't believe


(bridge 1)

(chorus ad lib)

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