Paroles Another World de Bane

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  • Artiste: Bane4930
  • Chanson: Another World
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Textes et Paroles de Another World

still can't believe i'm even writing this one
stoop down all the way down here
address this shit that is so far beyond beneath me
calling out some cowards who will never even face me
ducked that shit for years it never even phased me
cuz I have always known that it's the haters who blow the wind in our sails
simple words, simple minds from those who will not
look me in the eye
but then I heard you took your shots at some very good friends of mine
a band who stands for everything that I hold dear
I could not let it slide, I could not get it off my mind
they were just trying to say goodbye
and you had to run your mouth
showed your lack of all it takes to be that great
you tried to tear them down
so fucking filled with envy it's got you ripping the wings off flies
kills you to see all of those fists in the air
voices united by a spirit that never took hold in you
you've already become the angry dad yelling, "turn that noise down!"
I just don't know how all this good got so lost on you
but you can't cloud the ending of something that burned so bright
so you just sit and bitch
while they travel the whole wide world
you've never been a part of this
of all the good that they have tried to do
so you just hide behind that screen
I know you're hearing this
all that I think of you
you are nothing
you did nothing
you brought nothing
you touched nothing
you built nothing
you meant nothing

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