Paroles No Surrender de Bankrupt

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  • Artiste: Bankrupt37599
  • Chanson: No Surrender
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Textes et Paroles de No Surrender

Too early to surrender
Let's kill another year
If you come back tomorrow
Be sure you'll find me here

You'll find me here rehearsing
Missing the notes and cursing
Like I always do
You'll find me here pretending
This story's never ending
I've told you that

Nothing keeps me away
From doing this, cos it's fun
No one tells me what's right
No one

Too early to surrender
There's still so much to do
I could go on for hours
Would that make sense to you?

Someday I'll be defeated
By the same cycles repeated
But it will take some time
And I'm not sure how I'll turn out
But I'm too hellbent to burn out
I've told you that

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