Paroles Bermuda Triangle de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Artiste: Barry Manilow3348
  • Chanson: Bermuda Triangle
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Textes et Paroles de Bermuda Triangle

We decide to get away
And have some fun
Book a room and catch a flight
For two weeks in the sun
She says, "Hawaii's too expensive."
I say, "Barbados isn't bad."
She says, "I'd love to see Bermuda."
And I say, "Woman, are you mad!"

Bermuda Triangle It makes people disappear
Bermuda Triangle Don't go too near
But she Doesn't see my angle
And she thinks I'm being dumb
So Bermuda Triangle
Here we come!

Lying with my woman on The island sand
I look up and see her with
A stranger, hand in hand
I see her sitting on his blanket
I see them going for a swim
And when I run to find my woman
I find her running after him!

Bermuda Triangle
Makes my woman disappear
Bermuda TriangleDon't go too near
Looking At it from my angle
Do you see why I'm so sad
Bermuda Triangle Very bad!

Lying lost and lonely on
The island sand,
When a lovely stranger says
Hello and takes my hand
And soon she's sitting on my blanket
And then we're going for a swim
When I say, "what about your boyfriend?"
She turns and waves goodbye to him!

Bermuda Triangle It makes people disappear
Bermuda Triangle Don't go to near
But look At it from my angle
And you'll see what I'm so glad
Now Bermuda Triangle Not so bad!

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