Paroles Once And For All de Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow
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  • Artiste: Barry Manilow3348
  • Chanson: Once And For All
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Textes et Paroles de Once And For All

You're a girl after my own heart,
you know your own mind.
We are a similar kind, separate yet intertwined.
We speak with a single voice,
but now we must make a choice
whether to fall in love.

Once and for all
do you really want to have someone for good?
Would you stay in love forever if you could?
Do you want a friend who's always standing by,
when your back's against the wall, once and for all.

We're a pair cut from the same cloth,
deep in our own souls,
alone and yet perfectly whole,
but seemingly in control.
Afraid not knowing just where we are,
but knowing we've come so far,
so far that we just might make it.

Once and for all, search your heart
and then I want you to decide.
Is simple love enough to keep you by my side?
Can we stay together through the thick and thin,
through troubles big and small,
once and for all?

(repeat chorus)

once and for all, once and for all.

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